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Orders on this site are not final and simply tell me who I need to contact about placing an official order.
When you order on this site, it will update my "___ items have been ordered." section below. This is the number of ITEMS, not ORDERS. Multiple items can be for one order and I haven't figured out how to fix that yet.
When you check out, you HAVE to put a valid email for me to contact you to get specifications, shipping address, and to send the final payment link through square.
I do NOT accept payment until I'm satisfied with the product, and I promise I am a LOT more picky than you...

I only ship to the USA as of right now. Other shipping is far too expensive and not worth it.

6 items have been ordered. I am on item number ... just kidding. I'm caught up

TTRPG Items _____________

Jewelry _________________

Buttons _________________

1.5 Inch Buttons

2.5 Inch Buttons

Keychains ________________

Prints _____________

Dimensions are height x width. Printed on Card Stock for now until interest picks up.
Images shown may be slightly distorted. I'm working on fixing it...

Other Items _____________